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Puerto Plata

Playa dorada beach

Puerto Plata City

Puerto Plata is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic and is steeped in history having been named by Christopher Columbus as the “Silver City”. The Fortaleza San Felipe is an authentic and historic Spanish fortress, also known as El Morro de San Felipe. It was built in 1577 to protect the city of Puerto Plata from pirates and corsairs.

La Hispaniola, as the island which now includes the Dominican Republic and Haiti is named, was on the main route for Spanish Galleons transporting gold and other precious cargo from South America to Spain. As such it became an ideal location for pirates and corsairs looking to intercept these richly laden vessels and steal the cargos.

Playa Dorada

However, it is not really the city that has developed the tourist centers favored by vacationers. The beaches of Playa Dorada, just to the east of the city offered a far more attractive proposition and location.

Tourism in the Dominican Republic really began to take off in the 1980’s and Playa Dorada was one of the leading exponents of this new source of visitors to the country.  All inclusive hotels offering package deals to vacationers sprung up and for many years Puerto Plata and Playa Dorada was the most popular destination for tourists visiting the country.

Tourism History

As other regions expanded their vision of the ideal tourist location Puerto Plata lost some of its business but over the past few years new hotels and privately owned condo communities have re-established Playa Dorada as a sought after holiday destination.

Vacation Options

Playa Dorada now offers visitors a choice of all-inclusive or normal hotel accommodation.  Private secure condo communities provide more independent holiday options for vacationers wanting total freedom to do their own thing.  It is these vacation condos we are able to offer to our clients.


In addition to developing a broader vacation experience Playa Dorada has grown into a center offering everything holidaymakers look for. The beach is pristine and picturesque offering a wide selection of watersports. An 18 hole golf course sits alongside the Riviera Azul Condo complex. This complex also has its own swimming pool, restaurant, tennis court, gym, and tropical gardens.

Playa Dorada has the only cinema on the North Coast and a shopping mall with restaurants, boutiques, bars, banks and gift shops.  Everything needed to enjoy your vacation on site. Please see our Activities Page for more details.


The restaurants in many of the hotels are also open to non-residents so a variety of cuisine is available if you do not want to cook on holiday.


Being only some 15 minutes from the Puerto Plata Airport you can arrive at your condo very quickly after landing.  The city of Puerto Plata is also only 10 to 15 minutes away and is well worth visiting during your stay.