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Sosua History

Sosua is another town on the Dominican Republic North Coast and is situated between Puerto Plata Airport and Cabarete. Some 600 Eastern Europe Jews settled in this little town in the early 1940’s escaping from Germany’s purge. Many of the town’s streets are named for Ashkenazic Jews. There is still a small synagogue in the El Batey neighborhood of the town, occasionally used by Jews from the surrounding communities, as well as a small museum documenting the history of the Jewish community in Sosua.

The Beaches

Playa Sosua is the town’s main beach. It is a fun, colorful and lively beach, approximately one kilometer long, with a row of prefabs along the back, selling food, drinks, and souvenirs. This beach is very popular and offers a superb option for snorkelling enthusiast. From the beach you can swim out to the reef, about 100m offshore and swim with the colorful fishes that abound here.

Water Sports

For the more adventurous dive centers offer equipment and diving courses from beginner to advanced including PADI dive instruction. Daily dive and snorkel trips are available daily.

At the other end of Playa Sosua beach is Los Charamicos. This is more a local’s neighborhood and residential area and as such is somewhat more run-down and lively than El Batey. Another beach is Playa Alicia is accessible from the On the Waterfront restaurant. This beach is quieter than Playa Sosua, and as such is a good option for those who want to enjoy a more relaxed experience.

Vacation Options

Sosua had gained the unfortunate reputation as being a resort for single males looking for a free and easy vacation. However, the local community and regional authorities have taken measures to curtail the more raucous activities and return the town to being a more welcome resort for families and couples.


As with Cabarete, Sosua offers a wide range of restaurants providing cuisine from all over the world. German, Italian and English restaurants vie with traditional Dominican eateries. WiFi is frequently available as a means to attract custom. Additionally competitive prices and larger than normal portions are often served.


Many activities, tours, and excursions are easy to arrange. Please see our Activities Page for some ideas. You can also view the Wikitravel Page for more detailed information on things to do, places to eat and accommodation options.