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Why You Should Invest in a Dominican Republic Vacation Rental.

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Why the Dominican Republic?

Vacation rentals not only offer the benefit of holidays in exotic, tropic locations. In addition, they can provide a profitable investment, both in terms of rental income and capital appreciation.

The Dominican Republic is currently growing exponentially as a vacation destination. 2017 is expected to exceed the 6.1 million visitors achieved in 2016. Figures to the end of November already show an increase of 3.9% over the previous year and December always produces a large number of visitors looking to escape the cold weather in North America and Canada.

By far and away the Dominican Republic is the leading Caribbean tourist destination and the Government is looking to increase visitors to 10 million by 2020.

Traditionally, the Dominican Republic has been promoted as a destination for All-Inclusive-Holidays but as the country’s infrastructure has developed more visitors are seeking the freedom that an independent holiday provides.
Security and safety, always a consideration when visiting another country, has been improved dramatically and many private rentals are within secure communities. These offer 24-hour security personnel and a guarantee of permanent electricity, water and internet connections, now a pre-requisite of most tourists.

Airlines have been quick to increase the number of flights scheduled from major cities throughout America and Europe to meet the new demand. More flights are anticipated over the coming months as demand grows still further.

Existing Vacation Rentals.

Many of the current private rentals advertised on Dominican Republic Vacation Rentals are owned by American, Canadian and European owners who discovered the Dominican Republic whilst enjoying a holiday here.

They were enchanted by all the country had to offer, as well as the warm welcome provided by the Dominican people. So much so that they not only bought a property but in many cases were instigators in developing new communities, so others could come and enjoy a true Dominican experience.

Purchasing  in the Dominican Republic.

Purchasing a property in a foreign land can be scary, but the Dominican Republic provides secure property titles and registration. Managing a property away from where you reside might seem a daunting proposition but this has also been simplified.

Rental management.

Many communities offer on-site management with everything taken care of. From maintenance and repairs to meeting and greeting arrivals, managing security deposits and dealing with any issues that may arise during a visitor’s stay. There are also many private management companies, with a wealth of experience and excellent reputation available.

Vacation Rentals for Sale.

With this in mind, we now offer a limited number of vacation rental properties for sale. These have been selected as they offer secure community locations where there is a proven track record of vacation rental potential.
Most are offered “turnkey”. That is to say, fully furnished and equipped and ready to be rented immediately on purchase. Some may even have bookings already secured so come with a guaranteed income.

We invite you to view these listings and contact us if you want to know more about those on display. Or, ask if there are any other properties we know about that might fit your criteria.

A Good Investment.

One thing is certain. As the popularity of the Dominican Republic as a vacation venue continues to develop, demand will increase. So now is a really good time to invest in the growth potential as a vacation rental owner.